Our coaches are above-world class.  They are silent noise-makers and a violent force against your life's giant.  To protect their identity and master secrets, you must call for a pre-interview before being assigned your personal coach.

Payment is determined upon your budget, the critical need at hand and value of the service requested. 

Our Policy:

  • We accept cash, money order and paypal transactions.
  • One Hour Phone Consulations are $50
  • One Hour Phone & Video Cnsultations are $100
  • Please call for in-person elite coaching requests.
  • 50% deposit is due 24 hours prior to consultation,
  • Remaining balance due at the end of the coaching session.
  • Cancellations may be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance, afterwards rescheduling will be at the discretion of the assigned 5 Smooth Stone coach.
  • Deposit is forfeited after 3 cancellations.